The Law Office of Cristin Just
The Law Office of Cristin Just

Criminal and Traffic

  • OWI/DUI - When you get accused of an alcohol related driving offense, you need someone you can trust to represent you and your rights in a court of law.  Cristin is here to protect your constitutional rights and your driving record.
  • EXPUNGEMENT- everyone makes mistakes.  The new expungement laws make it much easier for you to get those nasty spots off your permanent reocrd, so you can get back on your feet and back on even playing field in the job market.
  • CRIMINAL- You have the right to remain silent.  USE IT!!!!!!! And call your lawyer.  Do not talk about your case on the jail phones to friends or family.  Protect yourself so your attorney can protect you in court.  Felony and misdemeanor cases welcome.  Gun crimes, drug crimes, theft, burglary, etc....we've seen it all and can help.    
  • TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS- most people don't realize that many times, in the long run, it's cheaper to pay an attorney to handle your traffic tickets.  A small attorney fee now can save you hundereds of dollars on increased insurance rates, mandatory DMV courses and potential license suspensions.  Dealing with it now is cheaper than dealing with it later.  Driving offenses can turn into a huge time drain and money pit.  
  • SPECIALIZED DRIVING PRIVILEDGES- (formerly hardship licenses)- New Indiana law allows almost anyone to apply for a restricted driving license that will allow you to go to work, medical appointments and religious worship....even if your license is currently suspended.  Call now to get more information.  You don't have to lose your job just because you can't find a ride.
  • JUVENILE LAW- Delinquency is the term used for criminal offenses committed by minors.  The legal system operates under a different goal and the procedure of these cases is different than the adult criminal justice system.  Attorney Just has is experienced with the juvenile courts.  She can help guide your family and your child through the process and obtaining the most beneficial outcome possible for your child's future. 
  • SCHOOL DISCIPLINARY HEARINGS- Is your child looking at expulsion?  Did you know you and your child have rights?  The school cannot simply kick your child out without appropriate process.  Furthermore, the school may not be honoring your child's IEP.  Make sure you know your rights and have someone on your side. You child's education is too important. 
  • PROTECTIVE ORDERS- Everyone wants to feel safe.  If you partner is threatening or hurting you or your family, Ms. Just will help you get the legal protection you need.  This order is important for criminal and civil cases.  Though it's just a document, it can be of great help down the line. 

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